Reasons to Show Up to Maths Class

Finally, someone has come up with a decent reason for going to maths class. Something I could have done with when I was at school.

Mathematicians at the University of Ottawa have released their findings on the best way to deal with a global zombie infection. By the way I will be printing this document off and reading it on the train home tonight just to see how many people do a double take at the title page.

Apparently the best tactic for dealing with a sudden outbreak of the undead is to hit them hard and fast, which probably means I should have taken cricket lessons as well.

A serious article from the BBC includes some very thoughtful and insightful comments from Prof. Neil Ferguson, who's in charge of the UK response to the swine flu epidemic. It's good to know that working for the UK Government doesn't always necessitate the removal of your sense of humour.


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