An Early Christmas Present for Ridley

Ridley had taken possession of one of my favourite fairisle sweaters. He insisted on sleeping on it every night. In order to get my sweater back I decided to make him something to cuddle up to. I spotted Anastasia Roeszler's pattern for a cat crescent on Ravelry and decided it was perfect. All the cats who already have one seem to love it. There was just one problem. The original is knit as 14 separate triangles which are then sewn together. I hate sewing. So I decided to modify the pattern to knit the cushion as a single piece.

If you're a fellow sewing-phobe you can click on the icon below to download my pattern notes.WARNING:If you’ve ever knit a shawl you know what it’s like knitting long rows. At its widest point this cushion contains over 300 stitches per row. Great for TV knitting but hard on the arms. If you find the stitch count a bit daunting you might want to stick to the original pattern. It's available for free from Orange Fish Knits.

I finished Ridley's cushion yesterday and he slept on it all night. Finally, I managed to reclaim that sweater.


Julie said...

awww, it looks like he LOVES it!! Awesome job.

mudder17 said...

That looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your modifications. When I first saw the pillow, I really wanted to make one until I saw that I had to sew pieces of triangles together. With your modifications, I might actually make this pillow now! So thank you!

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