Free At Last: No More Archaeology, Lots of Knitting

So, I'm the first to admit that I've done a woeful amount of blogging this year, largely due to my decision to go back to university and do a Masters degree. The workload was horrendous and despite the fact that archaeology is a subject I love, by the end of the course I would have been happy never to see a shovel again. Kind of like how I felt about Shakespeare after studying his plays constantly for two years at A Level.

Luckily, that's all behind me now and I can get back to what I enjoy doing as hobbies, knitting and writing.

On the knitting front I am currently working with Ashley, a fellow knitter from Canada, on an interpretation of Dr Watson's crew-neck sweater from the recent BBC1 series, Sherlock. (See the in-progress photo above). The pattern was arrived at after an afternoon squinting at various screencaps supplied by fans of the show from across the internet.

Having never designed a crew-neck before this has been something of a challenge on the arithmetic front but hopefully it'll come out OK and I can upload a full copy of the notes for the project by the end of the month.


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