Sherlock Reboot is the Best Thing NOT on TV

For the last three weeks I have been thoroughly enjoying the new version of Sherlock on BBC1. Written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman it was the most fun thing on TV for quite a while. It's a shame that the first batch of adventures only included three episodes but word has it that a second season will be going ahead next year.

A DVD of the first three episodes also goes on sale in the UK on August 30th and the internet is also providing a stop gap for fans of the show in the form of the usual fan fiction.
Live Journal and FanFiction. net both have sections for Sherlock fan fic already and some writers are striking out on their own like the mysteriously named Langdale Pike with Cold Fusion

I've loved Holmes and Watson since my parents introduced me to Conan Doyle's stories as a child. I'm hoping the second season will contain many more Conan Doyle references such as The Red-Headed League and of course, the delicious Irene Adler. :-)


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