Beautiful Jilbabs and Abayas

Although I'm not a Muslim woman I often browse Muslim fashion websites for clothes. I prefer not to wear skimpy outfits and keep my arms and legs covered as much as possible in public, not out of any religious conviction, I'm just more comfortable in modest clothing.
Having said that I don't believe that 'modest' should mean 'dull'. I love bright colours, embroidery and good tailoring. As a student of Medieval history I'm also a big fan of the feminine elegance of vintage designs.

Yesterday, I was browsing through one of my regular Google searches for ladies abayas and I stumbled on the website for Lebaas, a British based design house who make all the outfits they sell at their base in Luton.

Their prices are very reasonable, they ship worldwide and their designs are stunning. They also offer a made-to-measure service.

I have my eye on one of their outfits for pay day this month and, should I ever decide to get married, I'll definitely be wearing a Lebaas abaya. This one in particular is appealing to my inner romantic. :-)




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jilbabs and abayas

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